Edge Of Darkness

  • Review Date: 2000-09
  • Author: Chris Spain
  • Genre: Half-Life
  • Rating: 85


Chris Spain has done quite a few levels in the past. Starting with Doom2, he graduated from Quake with two excellent levels for their time - Badlands 1 and 2. He then created a very nice pack (at least the second half of it) for Quake2 titled Forces Of Evil, which is also reviewed here and scored an 80.

Then came a couple overrated (but I guess that happens when there are not many other good HLDM levels) deathmatch levels for Half-Life, using the tiring style of playing in a huge room as a small mouse or something. And now finally a new SP release from Chris, titled Edge Of Darkness.
As usual with HL, it's an episode of 11 levels, a few of which you return to later on to newer sections. And as usual, it's a the typical base and labs theme of Half-Life. The build quality is consistently good, with several very spectacular sections scattered about the episode.

The first few levels looked very good. Especially at the start where the story as set. It reminded me alot of the start of Daikatana. But then as I played the levels weren't quite as good as the start ones.

Gameplay was good, again the typical Half-Life style with lots of Grunts. The monsters were kept fairly simple though, the toughest of them - Assassins and Alien Grunts, only made a couple of appearances. Then at the end a real surprise, rather than a big boss to fight, you have a strange alien vessel with lasers! A really good finish, though fairly tough.

The only flaws this pack had was that sometimes it would get real slow, especially in the final battle. I had to put on god because the screen was stuttering so much. Two lasers, several Slaves and Grunts, a machine gun all in quite a large level was not such a good setup. And this on a PIII 450, 128mb, TNT2.

Otherwise, Edge Of Darkness is up there with Gut Reaction as the best episodes that stuck to the Half-Life theme of base and Grunts.