Peaces Like Us

  • Review Date: 2000-05
  • Author: Konmei Satou
  • Genre: Half-Life
  • Rating: 63


Just like Weird Comic Art for Quake2, Peaces Like Us is a very interesting and different set of levels. I didn't particularly enjoy WCA, but this move from Q2 to HL has proven to be a good choice.

The storyline is that the humans have now made contact with the 'big baby' and both races are no longer enemies. However, there seem to be a few aliens still against the humans, and of course the G-Man's troops are still out to kill you. I thought the aliens being friendly was pulled off very well, as at times they will help you by moving some crates or smashing through a wall. At the end there was a twist in the story which made it very good, shown throughout a bunch of cinematic sequences. Of course I won't ruin it for you.

Throughout your mission of 10 levels you travel through bases aswell as Xen alien worlds, and another strange place. These particular few levels were in a strange church-type area, with plain white walls and interesting architecture. Focus for a while, was put on the puzzles. Soon however you return to Earth.

Overall the design was average, at times it was nicely done, but for most of the time rather plain.

Gameplay was good, and it kept me entertained for over an hour. There were a few times which were very frustrating, such as the helicopter sequence which, if you end up in the wrong place, you could reload several times trying to complete it as you jump cliffs trying to get to some cover.

Peaces Like Us is a good set of levels, not stunning design but it'll keep you happy, along with the good gameplay and some very interesting unique aspects.