Your Path of Destruction

  • Release Date: 2001-08
  • Author: Moxill Interactive
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 66

Tronyns Review

I thought I'd go back and play the 1997 Quake TC, Your Path of Destruction. This TC is probably the largest attempt to bring to Quake some of the specific elements of its preddessor, the Doom series. Doom in Quake? That's right. How does it fare? We shall see...

Your Path of Destruction begins in the Doom Guy's 'House' where he recieves a warped telephone call signalling the return of the hellish space-hordes. He then flies in his spaceship to another world, shown through a rather impressive cut-scene, where (things never go according to plan, do they?) he crash-lands and is stuck in Doom-world - the only way out being through.

The first thing you'll notice is that this really is a conversion. The player's HUD, the gamespeed, things like that, have all been altered and doomified. All of the weapons have been replaced with Doom weapons, and you won't find a single Quake monster left in the hordes you'll fight.

There are quite a few levels, I lost count exactly, but probably around 12-15. Some are quite small while others are huge. Most only have 40 or so monsters on hard, though, so this TC isn't, for the most part, very hard. About half are remakes of levels from Doom 1 and Doom II - the first map from each game, plus such fun Doom II maps as 'Dead Simple' and 'Barrels 'o' Fun.' They also included 'The Suburbs' from Doom II, which was the wrong thing to do. At least they didn't include 'Tricks & Traps!'

The entire TC was done basically by two people, so its lack of proffessionalism is forgivable. There is some quite polished content, such as the plasma gun (later used in other modes) and some of the monsters such as the Hell Baron and the Imps. Other monsters are poorly done (Demons, army grunts) however. The standard of quality is really all over the place. There are also some bugs, including an extremely annoying one where if you are killed, your screen will take a while to fade back to normal (from red). As well sometimes the weapons models don't show, and sometimes monsters end up on noclip mode somehow. Some annoyances but no show-stoppers.

Leaps and bounds have been made in level design since 1997, so judging these maps by current standards will be harsh. The maps are really simple and oversized, with a rather bland choice of texturing in almost every case and lighting that is far too flat and symmetrical. As well, certain maps such as the Suburbs do *not* port well to Quake - Quake is about complex, multileveled layouts and architecture, not huge plain outdoor areas. Ugh.There are a few maps that look pretty cool - the first proper map for instance, an original map called 'Cloning Facility' is really rather well-done, with moody lighting (lots of different styles) being the highlight. However this map also suffers from really bad texture choice and alignment. As well the gameflow realy could have used work; when you push a button there is no message, sound, or any hint of any sort as to what the hell you've just done. Still though this map was quite fun to play and is probably the best in the pack.

Other maps are a mix of similar quality and worse quality. The original ones are for the most part not very well done, while of the converted maps, half are decent while half didn't port well at all. Such maps as 'The Hangar' and 'Dead Simple' turned out well, but they were the exception rather than the rule.

Despite some of the monsters being lackluster (their models and behaviour, mainly), this TC's strength is combat. YPOD manages to thrown many many Doom monsters at the player, and with Doom weapons this can get to be really enjoyable. Some of the weapons are really powerful - the chaingun is almost ridiculous, makes Q2's chaingun seem like a nerf toy - while others are alright (shotgun, Rocket Launcher which is damned fun to use) and the double shotgun is even slightly underpowered. A couple of maps feature end-boss creatures (Mastermind and Cyberdemon) so you're not going to be able to rush around slaughtering *everywhere.* The last combat map is a real dissapointment though in that you start with nothing and within 10 virtual feet of you are these two end bosses. You have to run around hitting buttons to bring down elevators which have items on top - not my idea of a good time.

YPOD has some serious flaws and proffessionalism issues, but it's safe to say that if you liked Doom, you will probably find this a good diversion.